Redacting a transcript

Federal Court, redact the following:

Social Security numbers: Last four only
Financial numbers: Last four only
Minors: Initials
DOB: Year only
Home Addresses: City and State Only

In Eclipse, to black out, as an example, 123 Park Street:

Mark 123 Park Street
Go to Format/Text Type/Redacted
This will put a grey box around the text, but you will still be able to read it. When it prints or in a pdf, you will not be able to see it. It will be blacked out.

** You must have this setting in User Settings to make sure it is blacked out.

Go to User Settings/Document/Advanced Settings/Redacted Text.
There is a dropdown menu. Make sure it is set to “Omit Redacted Text.”
Hit Okay.
Your text will now be blacked out in the pdf and print.

If you want the settings to be permanently this way in every file, make sure you do this in Master Format, not just Current Document.


Per Virginia Dodge from Eclipse website:

If you have text that should be confidential, you can mark the text and set it to redacted text. There are 2 levels available: Protected on the display, and further protected on printouts and exported files.

You can mark a piece of text and use the Format menu/Document utility/Set text type/Redacted to set it to redacted text.

Then , for the first level of protection, you can set the Display colors in User settings/Display/Color selections/Redacted text so that the information in the redacted text will be protected on your screen.

The background color is always used for the screen. The foreground color is used for the screen AND for the printout. For example, if you have your foreground color set to black, then redacted text will show up as a black box, as though it were blacked out with a thick marker. If you set your foreground text to white, it will print blank as though it were whited out. The background color should be set to a contrasting color so that you will still be able to read and edit it on the screen. For example, if you want your redacted text to be white, you should set your redacted text background color to be something other than white, such as gray.

Secondly, you can set User settings/Document/Advanced to Hide redacted text. When Hide redacted text is on, all redacted text will be eliminated from the printout, PDF, ASCII and Bridge exports. If you turn this option off, redacted text will appear as normal. Each individual document will remember this setting separately.

Note: You can use a dictionary entry to have confidential information translate as redacted text. The three-letter metadictionary code for redacted text is /?TXR. The recommended metadictionary entry for redacted text is: {R:*}={/”%/?TXR}. This will allow you to do {R:text} and “text” will appear redacted. For example, if you have a person’s name that should be confidential, you could enter it as Mr.{R:Jones} or {R:Mr. Jones}.