Disclaimer for Unintelligible Witness

Credit goes to:  Katelyn Harrelson from the Official Court Reporter Forum – Facebook

The attorneys and/or parties or a witness in the case is speaking English but with a heavy foreign accent. While the court, parties, and/or jury may be able to understand the gist of what is being said, it is the court reporter’s duty to capture every word. When the court reporter requests the “Language Instruction,” she has determined that an accent is hindering the duty of the reporter to capture all words spoken and the reporter is requesting the judge to explain to the attorneys and parties on the record the reporter’s duty to capture every word and to inquire of the parties whether they wish to proceed with an interpreter, which allows the reporter to perform her job properly, or to proceed with the agreement that the court reporter will do her best to get every word, but because of the accent that may not be possible and they wish to proceed regardless.

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