How to adjust outside audio incrementally

Alt-Up Arrow:  Moves audio up a few seconds

Alt-Down Arrow:  Moves audio down a few seconds

For 10-Second Intervals, use Shift-Alt-Up Arrow and Shift-Alt-Down Arrow

Disclaimer for Unintelligible Witness

Credit goes to:  Katelyn Harrelson from the Official Court Reporter Forum – Facebook

The attorneys and/or parties or a witness in the case is speaking English but with a heavy foreign accent. While the court, parties, and/or jury may be able to understand the gist of what is being said, it is the court reporter’s duty to capture every word. When the court reporter requests the “Language Instruction,” she has determined that an accent is hindering the duty of the reporter to capture all words spoken and the reporter is requesting the judge to explain to the attorneys and parties on the record the reporter’s duty to capture every word and to inquire of the parties whether they wish to proceed with an interpreter, which allows the reporter to perform her job properly, or to proceed with the agreement that the court reporter will do her best to get every word, but because of the accent that may not be possible and they wish to proceed regardless.

Define dash and hyphen

Dash is defined as:   {–}

Hyphen is defined as:  {#G}{-}{#G}

How I added Windows to my Macbook Air

Installing Eclipse On MacAir 1-18-13:

Using MBP, VMware, and Eclipse with an Apple router

1.  Open VMware Fusion.

2.  Click virtual machine.

3.  Click settings.

4.  Click network adapter.

5.  Choose auto detect.

How To Create an RTF Dictionary in Eclipse…

… to load onto a Diamante

In Eclipse you just need to create an RTF of your dictionary.

Open DIX             F9,  ENTER

Click File             Press Alt *pause* F    (Click File Menu on the upper left)

Choose Export     Press E

Choose RTF         Press 2, ENTER

Select Desktop     Shift tab x 3, DOWN, (probably easier to just click on the DESKTOP)

Save                     ENTER.

That is all you do in Total Eclipse.  At this point you need to run RTF2Writer from Stenograph.  Please call Tech support for help with any of this.

Convert RTF/CRE Dictionaries

If you are not using Case CATalyst and want to load your dictionary onto the Diamante, it is necessary to
use the RTF/CRE to Writer Dictionary Conversion program. You must copy the Rtf2Writer.exe onto your
computer; export your dictionary to RTF/CRE format; and run the conversion.

When using the Rtf2Writer Dictionary Conversion program, only one personal dictionary can be selected
and loaded onto the Diamante. You can load up to seven job dictionaries.

The RTF/CRE to Writer Dictionary Conversion program for the Diamante is only available via USB cable.
You must have the Diamante USB driver installed on your computer to use the USB cable. See Install
the Diamante USB Drivers on page 18 if you need to load the Diamante USB driver.

To convert and load a RTF/CRE dictionary onto the Diamante:

1. Turn your computer On. Ensure that it is fully booted.
2. Insert the Diamante®/Wave™ Utilities and Tutorial CD into the CD-ROM/DVD drive on your
computer. If the AutoPlay dialog box displays, click Run autorun.exe.
3. The Diamante – Wave Utility dialog box displays. Click Diamante Utilities, User Guide and more.
4. The Diamante Utility dialog box displays. Click Utilities, Splash screen and more.
5. Open the Utilities folder.
6. Copy the Rtf2Writer.exe file to the Desktop on your computer. If you created a Stenograph Utility
folder on your Desktop, copy the utility to that folder.
7. Turn the Diamante On.
8. Locate the USB cable. Each end of the USB cable has a different connection plug. Connect the
appropriate end of the USB cable to the USB B (client) port on the back of the Diamante and a USB
port on the computer.
9. Double click the Rtf2Writer.exe icon on your Windows Desktop. The RTF/CRE to Writer Dictionary
Conversion dialog box displays.
10. Select USB. The Select Personal and Job Dictionaries dialog box displays.
11. In the Personal Dictionary field, use the Browse button to navigate to the location of the RTF/
CRE dictionary you are using for your Personal dictionary.
12. In the Job Dictionaries section, use the Browse button in each field to navigate to the location of
an RTF/CRE job dictionary you are converting.
13. Click OK. The dictionaries are transferred to the Diamante.
14. When the Diamante finishes loading the dictionary, it beeps and then reboots, displaying the
Opening menu.
15. On the RTF/CRE to Writer Dictionary Conversion dialog box, click Quit to close the Rtf2Writer